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All Gone Dead | Strobelight Records

All Gone Dead

All Gone Dead

Top-Neo-Batcave from London

Our story starts here with a lost soul, Stich, who kicked around the streets of Salt Lake City (Utah) with unhallowed bands such as the vicious Tragic Black and the mysterious Hollow Tongue, where he made his dark presence felt.

Masking another move in the early part of 2004, Stich gave a howling birth to the first incarnation of All Gone Dead. Pushed by his insatiable hunger for music writing, he began to experiment with different musical arenas. Combining his enthusiasm and extraverted personality, Stich began to write, and the madness swelled. With a threatening growl, Stich was pushing his solo project into a band. Slowly, he began shaping and creating All Gone Dead.

With the birth of an unusual London spring in 2004, Stich, in his wanderings came across, MarkAbre, who joined Stich in his musical quest. As the seasons have started their march again; All Gone Dead kept evolving and encountered yet another lost soul, Darlin‘ Grave, as this beauty is known.
With astonishing skills and master determination she shared the visions and took her role as bass player in this growing incarnation.

With another birth and burning ambition this trio became a quartet when another lost soul filled the void, MikeMihai, with his musical knowledge became the fourth member and guitar player of All Gone Dead. Joining the crusade to pursue dreams in a disorienting theatrical display of shattered reflections. After All Gone Dead’s first 6 gigs tension began to build. MarkAbre no longer shared the same visions and musical interests as the other All Gone Dead members and there was a sense of distance that ended up with MarkAbre being removed from the band in the spring of 2005. Stich, Darlin’ Grave and MikeMihai kept working on their quest taking shows from the United Kingdom onto mainland Europe still pressing forward towards their diabolic scheme. Stich, Darlin‘ Grave and MikeMihai went on to recording their first 3 track demo (Conceiving The Subversion)at MikeMihai’s very own cave „home studio“ and it was released in May 2005. Their home made demo (Conceiving The Subversion) got them voted best unsigned goth band in Germany by Gothic Magazine and had several other appearances in other media organizations.All Gone Dead started to get their name spread. As the clock hands ticked and the countdown was launched, MikeMihai decided to step down from All Gone Dead for personal reasons. MikeMihai is now in the works or running his own studio and still a part of the All Gone Dead family.
All Gone Dead fell back down to two core members (Stich & Darlin‘ Grave). With faith and determination they felt they had to press forward and record their very first full lenght album. With the fall season of 2005 starting, All Gone Dead hit the studio. They found themselves at Joe Public Studios (London).Three months later at the end of January 2006 they had finished their album entilted „Fallen & Forgotten“.

Just as these two puppets were finishing up „Fallen & Forgotten“ they were contacted by Strobelight Records and offered a record deal. All Gone Dead felt it was a great opportunity and they joined the Strobelight family. All Gone Dead then began to book their European Spring tour hitting many of the different European countries. For their live performances Steve Pollytrama has joined their madness. coming from such bands as Chaos UK and The Narcissus Pool. Steve has a hunger for the chaos, mayhem and road life.

These three marionettes are snipping their strings and unleashing a chaotic and intense performance. Watch for the madness that the future will bear.

Album CD „Fallen & Forgotten“
Release date: May 19, 2006