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The Last Days Of Jesus | Strobelight Records

The Last Days Of Jesus

The Last Days Of Jesus

THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS, bizzarre Slowakian Gothic/Deathrock/Underground-Veterans tell us:

„We grew up in the 80’s and with the 80’s. We listened to everything that was new, New Wave, Goth, Postpunk, New Romantic. Just one thing was different: we had to buy our records on the black market, New-Wave-parties were illegal and multicoloured hair and black leather jackets were expressions of Western decadence.

Nevertheless quite a lot of great bands emerged in the Eastern Bloc who even dared to criticise all of this repression. On this EP we cover some of them as a tribute to all of these artists who gave some fresh air to the grey standard culture of Communism and who also suffered because of that.

All the bands we covered on „ONCE UPON A TIME IN EAST“ are legends, then and up to today. They were more dangerous than thousands of nuclear missiles in the West because they inspired the people with hope and at least the image of freedom. And free thought was unwanted.“

Actually, there’s not much more to be added here. In their unique style and at the same time with a lot of respect towards the original songs THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS salute underground heroes from behind the Iron Curtain, bands, artists and activists utterly unnoticed by the West.

A musical history lesson and at the same time a lesson in open and subversive opposition: – SIEKIERA „Ludzie Wschodu“ („People Of The East“) (Poland), KINO „V nashikh glazakh“ („In Our Eyes“) (ex-USSR), PARAF „Javna kupatila“ („Public Bathroom“) (Croatia), PRAZSKY VYBER  „Zubatá“ („The Grim Reaper“) (Czech Republic) ZONA A „Potopa“ und BEZ LADU A SKLADU „Génový inžinier“ („The Gene Engineer“)  (both Slowakia), just a glimpse of the seething subcultural underground of a world not that far away, with regard to both time and place.

„Once Upon A Time In The East“ (STROB 035)
release date: June 17, 2011


Following their successful „ALIEN ROAD“ album, which catapulted THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS onto playlists and stages everywhere, frontrobotjoker mary0 and his companions announce the „DEAD MACHINES’ REVOLUTION!“ for 2007 – the highly anticipated new album which they presented for the first time as headliners of JUDGEMENT DAY Festival 2007 to an ecstatic audience – Schizzo-Deathrock Alarm!!!

Like no other band in contemporary Goth / Deathrock et al., these guys know how to combine the most diverse elements to a unique configuration of exciting neo-batcave-postpunk-goth-agrhlszjf and to keep up an ironic distance from both this stupid world and genre orthodoxies out there. At the same time, TLDOJ are fairly fidget-NEW-WAVE-influenced on this album, refer ironically to their spooky deathrock background and strengthen their reputation within the punk scene with straight pogo hymns – it’s all there.

It’s all there on their exceptionally well produced new album „DEAD MACHINES’ REVOLUTION!“ – fresh, funny and absolutely unique in their non-arbitrary diversity, stompers such as „Positive“ or their instant-classic „Machine Of Calm“ will boil clubs and live-venues everywhere, but also fans of the gloomy bizarre will find delight in „Robot Child“, „Zombie Haut-Couture“ or „Thankx for Evolution“.


mary0 the robotjoker – Vox
Vajco – Drums
Feššy – Guitars
Anjou de Cou-Cou – Keyboards & Programming

Album CD
„Dead Machines‘ Revolution!“ (STROB 027)


Europe’s most unique deathrock band has always aimed at combining the classic atmosphere of early 80’s acts and modern sounds and patterns, to create their own alternative of exciting death- and gothic rock. TLDOJ have been going for more than 10 years now, constantly adjusting their personal preferences, in order to provide the world their individual and breathtaking version of a thing that might be labelled PROGRESSIVE DEATHROCK or something.

Mary0 and his compagnions resurrect the straightness, the honesty, and crudeness of old, and transform them from their own perspectives, adding new sounds and various layers of subtexts, criticisms and irony.

…hey little girl – hey lucky boy, it’s time to be scary – time to destroy, go with the doctor and start to spin…

In their own and unique way TLDOJ throw their views on the world as is out into it, split into various personae, double-faced, irritating, simply breathtaking. A most tasteful juicy mixture of sarcasm and distanced bitterness drips out of their ears, pressed into sound carriers that simply refuse to leave their players. And never more than on their brandnew album ALIEN ROAD.

…then you‘ll see through the hole in my head all the dreams we could live over… too late – I‘ll be dead…

This astonishing new record is their most elaborate, but never boring contribution to today’s Goth/Deathrock scene, more aggressive and in-yer-face, both weird and straight at the same time, catchy and nothing less than an experience you wouldn’t wanna miss. THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS are the synthesis of CINEMA STRANGE’s drama and the state-of-the-art production and power of, for example, NINE INCH NAILS… always authentic and credible like not many acts these days…

!! ON TOUR in April, May und June, also with US-Horrorpunk-Gods ANTIWORLD !


mary0 the deadspacejoker – Vox
Vajco – Drums
Feššy – Guitars
Anjo-pithecus – Keyboards & Programming


New Album CD
„Alien Road“ (STROB 007)