the ESSENTIALS series continues…

25 years of Californian Deathrock – the 25. Strobelight release. To celebrate this double-occasion we, in collaboration with US-Goth & Deathrock DJ RICKBATS proudly present a compilation of genre classics and yet to be discovered underground smashers of the L.A. area of the 80’s and early 90’s.

A spectacular 24-page full colour booklet illuminates the early years of this exciting music genre: countless rare photos also from private collections, cool flyers, setlists and other memorabilia, loads of original quotes by bands and promoters of the time on the topic of DEATHROCK, and, last but not least, a 12-page narrative history on DEATHROCK written by German Goth & Deathrock expert THOMAS THYSSEN (Pagan Love Songs, WGT, etc…).

And just grasp the greatness of the music: an exclusive version of the never before released secret stomper “Graveyard Mary”; ’s 2nd great classic of their 1982 cult EP “Eyes (Second Death)” for the first time on CD (!); 34 VAMPIRES with their spooky theme, ’s ultimate dancefloor smash hit “FeverDream”… next to never ageing classics by , MEPHISTO WALZ, KOMMUNITY FK, 45 GRAVE and many others without whom such a compilation simply could not exist.

Add to that the 2 video clips by the creative chameleon FATE FATAL and his band THE DEEP EYNDE and spend hours enjoying the astounding variety of this powerful and underrated musical style in sight and sound.

We’re tremendously proud of this compilation; the hard work of the last couple of months really wasn’t for nothing; and it’s not only us that think that way:

„The Strobelight crew has once again managed to top themselves. Fantastique!“

„CLEARLY one of the best if not actually THE most important compilation of the year!”
ORKUS Magazine

Come and dive into the depths of the original

release date: 27. October 2006

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-) numerous exclusive, rare, and
first-time-on-CD tracks

-) 2 video clips

-) 24-page booklet incl.
Deathrock History (in German)

-) loads of photos, flyers etc. from
private collections