It’s taken us a while, but here we are at last: our first compilation ! The first of a series.

The purpose of vol. 1and its successors stems from a tradition established by compilations such as GOTHIC ROCK, HEX FILES, NEW ALTERNATIVES, L’APPEL DE LA MUSE (to name but a few); namely, to present a selection of the tremendous amount of talent and the breathtaking variety of the contemporary worldwide Gothic / Deathrock / Minimal / whathaveyou scene that exists and prospers underneath the usual media coverage of our days. Fantastic music that deserves to be heard on a MUCH wider scale.

The start of this hopeful series comes to you as a double-CD with 34 tracks by 34 bands at the price of a single CD.

34 Songs, many of which have been exclusively made to appear on this compialtion, or are previously unreleased anywhere, or ultra-rare; awesome Tracks by TRAGIC BLACK, , ALTERED STATES, CRETA, , , etc.

We hope you’ll enjoy them all… which, in fact, we expect you to!

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1. SCARY BITCHES – You’ll End Up Looking Like The Scary Bitches (UK)
UK-shootingstars of Horrorgoth, with this unique female voice

2. – Whisper (Between Strobelights) (USA)
californian Goth-Rockers with an exclusive version of a smashing track
3. IKON – Ghost In My Head (new version) (Aus)
Waverock-version of this IKON-classic, catchy-as-f**k
4. – Spectre (Love Is Dead) (Ita)
Authentical ROZZ-Christian Death cover version

5. – Eve E. (USA)
Schizo-Deathrock with captivating female vocals

6. SMILING GOTH – Beetlejuice (Ger)
exciting newcomers from Germany; Modern Batcave at its best

7. CULTURE REVERSE – Our Eyes Squint Sadly (Ger)
Steven Cavitys Minimal-Project, first official release

8. COLLAPSING NEW PEOPLE – Revolution Girl (Aut)
Vienna-based Minimal / Postpunk Band

9. PENIS FLYTRAP – Cemetery Girl (USA)
masters of Horrorpunk with their hymn for all eternity
(ex-45 GRAVE)
10. ALTERED STATES – Go The Distance (UK)
british Cult-Gothic-Rawk, first material since 10 years !

11. BELISHA – Eyes That Blacken (UK)
Power-Gothrock by this London-based five-piece

12. CASUAL – Tard (Esp)
unique and dark up-tempo-Goth from Barcelona

13. AVARITIA – And Here They Are Again (Ger)
GuitarGOFF (with capital letters), jangly, powerful, awesome

14. BATS IN THE BELFRY – Sanatorium (Ger)
Groovy Gloomgoth from Germany; fabulous!

15. CRETA – Silence (USA)
brandnew project of ’s guitarist Rick Joyce with
brilliant female vocals; FIRST TIME ON CD !

16. NOONE I KNOW – Save What’s Left (In The Strobelight) (Ger)
fantastic, atmospherical, dark and groovy Post-Wave-Rock

17. DESCENDANTS OF CAIN – The Ceremony (UK)
hymn-like british Okkult-Gothic Rock, both powerful and atmospheric


1. THE GHOST OF LEMORA- Dread The Day (The Cities Rise) (UK)
Nonchalant british Gothic Rock, an instant classic!

2. – The Stolen Photograph (Ger)
Catchy Deathrock made in Germany, without doubt MATRs best Track

3. TRAGIC BLACK – Nachtschleichen (Reanimated Mix) (USA)
Exclusive mix by these US-Batcave-Deathrockers, faster & better

4. HUMAN DISEASE – Petals (Pt.1) (Ita)
Traditional Surrealism-Deathrock just the way we all love it

5. THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS – Guns’n’Drums’n’March’n’Fun (Slo)
Insane up-tempo-Deathrock, a world on its own

6. FRANKENSTEIN – She Casts No Shadow (USA)
Unreleased track by Horror-Deathrockers Dave Grave & Stevyn Grey

7. NEW DAYS DELAY – Tiny Monsters & Furry Little Creatures (Ger)
the live- und dancefloor smasher of this German Horrorsurf-outfit

8. DeSADE – Night Terrors (USA)
fabulous oldskool US-Deathrock at its best

9. ORDEAL BY FIRE – Re-creation (Ita)
Up-front-Goth-Rawk from Leeds…ahm, no, from Turin. GREAT!

10. REPTYLE – Massacre Celebration (Ger)
traditional Gothic Rock in the best sense of the word

11. EXIT TO EDEN – French Kiss (Aut)
Over-the-top unique Postpunk-Rock

12. HATESEX – Spiritual Palsy (USA)
first-ever-release from new band of Benn Ra, ex-Diva Destruction:
modern und fantastic dark US-Goth

13. TRESPASS – Comedown (Lost In Light Version) (Fra)
melancholic Wave-Goth from France; exclusive version !

14. – All The Faces (USA)
brandnew Track by our US-Goth-Heroes; previously unreleased
15. BLOODY DEAD AND SEXY – Bloody Rose (Ger)
THE classic by these German Deathrock-shootingstars

16. THE FACES OF SARAH – Misery Turns (UK)
hymn-like UK-Goth with all components an evergreen ever needed

17. – Gone Again (Central Europe)
first new track since 2002; more of everything, and better