Don’t you just love compilations? Oh well, I agree, most compilations nowadays aren’t quite what you’d call tremendously entertaining: more-of-the-same, broken promises, label-samplers in disguise and whatnot… digital boredom, generally; circular, silver irrelevance. But do you know what the coolest thing about running a label is? If you are an image neurotic music lover on a mission, like some people here at STROBELIGHT are, you may have already guessed: that you can pester the world with your own personal tastes, legally, and on a large scale. Don’t tell me that’s not a good thing. There you go, thank you. You’re just lucky that we’ve got such fabulous taste in music…

Volume 1 is just the start of a series of healthy sonic endorphin kicks from the most exciting parts of the music spectrum where the concept of age has no meaning and personal preference is the only criterion (apart from, well, funds, obviously). Sensational songs which, according to us and black band t-shirts (because they’re always right), deserve to get more attention. STROBELIGHTS are selections of the stuff that keeps our clocks ticking, although, admittedly, this one here is of considerable stylistic narrowness. But it’s my first opportunity of this type after half a lifetime of preparation, so to speak, some sort of teenage dream coming true in the end, so you’ll forgive me for simply having to fill it with as much of what is subjectively The Cool Stuff as I possibly could… and this list is by no means exhaustive. But it shouts „this is the sort of music I demand to hear in clubs!“

Grouping together well-known and less-known genre smashers shall be the general idea of the STROBELIGHTS series, and the upcoming volumes may very well be more varied in terms of musical styles. Define ‚genre‘ then, I hear you scream… don’t bother, it’s all essential stuff. But it says somewhere on the flyers…

And for the meantime:GOFF, DEATHROCK & BATCAVE GALORE… admit it, this list is simply breathtaking:

STROB006 19. APRIL 2004

1. DEATH CULT – God’s Zoo (UK 1983)

2. – Darkness & Light (UK 1998)

3. CANCER BARRACK – Cancer Barrack (D 1991)

4. MIGHTY SPHINCTER – In The Kingdom Of Heaven (USA 1987) 1st time on CD

5. – Live With The Dead (USA 1982) 1st time on CD – STROBELIGHT exclusive

6. – Static jesus (USA 1992)

7. THE WAKE – Watchtower (USA 1993)

8. THIS BURNING EFFIGY – Emeritus (UK 1996)

9. – Curses (AUS 1998)

10. – In Her House (USA 1992)

11. AUSGANG – (You Got The) Hots For Christ (UK 1985)

12. NORMA LOY – 1964 Shadows (F 1984)

13. – Everything (UK 1987)

14. DRONNING MAUD LAND – Cry For Happy (D 1992)

15. SECRET DISCOVERY – Evil Feeling (D 1992)

16. – Le Talisman De La Muse (F 1993)

17. – A Dream Of Yesterday (UK 1985) original version – 1st time on CD

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