FRANK THE BAPTIST hit the German / European Gothic Scene like a meteor coming out of the blue; introduced to Europe by the famous THYSSEN brothers, central figures of the German Gothic / Deathrock club-landscape, FTB-tracks like „Bleeding In My Arms“ and „On My Tongue“ immediately proved to be safe bets for crowded dancefloors all over central Europe. The song „Echoes Of Never“ got featured on the highly prestigious GOTHIC COMPILATION released by the German GOTHIC MAGAZINE , along with multi-page articles in magazines such as GOTHIC and ORKUS (both more than 45.000 copies per issue!).

The never-before heard mixture of FRANK THE BAPTIST’s powerful yet melancholy music and Frank’s unique vocals promise to be nothing less than the Next Big Thing in global „American Gothic“ in the tradition of SCREAMS FOR TINA and CHRISTIAN DEATH on the one hand, PLAY DEAD and BAUHAUS on the other.