Founded in Rome in 1997, this „sister-band“ to Italy’s famous cult stars CHANTS OF MALDOROR took the hearts and minds of artistic deathrock devotees by storm with their self-released demo-CD.

Taking their name from a lyric of the late iconic ROZZ WILLIAMS, HUMAN DISEASE’s sound embodies the oscillation between a morbid despair and a cruel sensuality, ambiguous links of life and death.

Our Flesh Deception“ is an instant milestone of a musical style exemplified by such legendary albums like „Catastrophe Ballet“ and „Ashes“ by CHRISTIAN DEATH, classics without heirs for such a long time… until now.

Following their highly acclaimed demo-CD, their contribution to the official TRIBUTE TO ROZZ WILLIAMS compilation established them firmly in the worldwide deathrock camp, and their track „Petals (Pt.1)“ with which they are featured on our NEW DARK AGE vol.1 compilation, can be regarded as an appetizer to their long awaited debut album due out September 2004.

– deep, surrealistic sensuality in driving and elaborate rocksongs – HUMAN DISEASE –