Founded in 2003 in Paris, mastermind Sap~hire (bass) gathered Murmur (vocals) and Lois John Slut (guitars) to form the latest and lasting line up of French batcave-smashers SLEEPING CHILDREN.

„An unexpected joy.“ – Mick Mercer

After 2 successful self-released demos and various highly acclaimed compilation contributions (also our own NEW DARK AGE vol.2), as well as having played stomper gigs with bands such as ANTIWORLD and THE PHANTOM LIMBS, STROBELIGHT RECORDS are happy to announce the release of their debut album due out autumn 2004.

„Aggressive bass and synth driven Dali-esque odysseys that are intriguing, along the lines of Cinema Strange’s earlier songs..“ – DEATHROCK.COM

Seldom has a French band managed to gain such a high prestige and anticipation before thier debut album as these figurative children of BAUHAUS, VIRGIN PRUNES, SPECIMEN and CINEMA STRANGE have. Straight, catchy beats under skidding guitars and pumping bass, driven by this fantastic nonchalant cool type of singing promise great times on dancefloors, at gigs, or at home.