>In 1981, Voodoo Church released the legendary and long out of print self-titled EP. To this day, the EP is highly sought after by Deathrock fans worldwide. It all started when Tina Winter put her drum set away to play bass and sing with a few friends. This was the birth of Voodoo Church but it took a few band member changes until the right sound was found. With this perfect line up, Tina was able to create her own sound and the band then quickly went into the studio to record the four song EP while a number of successful shows followed.

After a long hiatus, Tina decided it was time to get the band back together and went on a search for new members. In 2002 Voodoo Church marked its long awaited return with an incredible show in front of an amazing crowd. In 2004, the long awaited Voodoo Church CD is finally here. The band members are Tina Winter, Randall Cole, Brian Elizondo and Tony Havoc.

Tina Winter has spent time in England studying music while mostly playing drums and bass guitar. She found her calling when she took over the vocal duties for Voodoo Church and produced a band that created Deathrock History. Her biggest musical influences are The Cure, Siouxsie and recent artists such as Marilyn Manson.

Randall Cole has had formal piano training but switched to guitar when he started up a punk band in the mid 80’s. Years later a fascination with bass took over and he hasn’t looked back ever since.

Brian Elizondo has been playing guitar forever and is quite a natural. He understands that the music of Voodoo Church is more about the feel and the energy instead of showing off technique.

Tony Havoc has had a successful run in Fear Cult but his drumming career isn’t over yet. His unique style, drum tuning and song writing makes him the perfect fit for Voodoo Church.

Voodoo Church’s goal is too keep evolving their sound, while embracing the darkness.

Tina Winter – vox
Randall Cole – bass
Brian Elizondo – guitars
Tony Havoc – drums