Frank The Baptist has an affinity toward the dark and melancholy sounds as well as the aggressive songs typical today. Frank the Baptist lyrics tend to be on the metaphorical and transcendental side rather than every day radio subject matter.

Oh, and: they’re not Baptists.

– the wait is finally over –

On March 2, 2007, the new and awe-inspiring third FRANK THE BAPTIST album entitled “The New Colossus” will be released – and cheers of joy will echo through the world.

The new line-up featuring BENN RA (ex-DIVA DESTRUCTION, HATESEX) has recorded a massive milestone of an album in elaborate and unmistakable FRANK THE BAPTIST style, full of melancholic power and dangerously intense atmosphere. Live and dancefloor stompers such as “If I Speak” and the instant classic “Harlot Of Nations”, eruptive anthems such as “Nautical Miles”, anthracite ballads such as “Scars Forever” or the epic masterpiece “Cosmonauts” – it’s all there.

You don’t wanna miss that…

„FRANK THE BAPTIST always deliver!“ (Thomas Thyssen)


Frank The Baptist – Vox & Guitars
Benn Ra – Bass
Fez Wrecker – Guitars
Phantomas – Drums