On May 25 German/British cult act PINK TURNS BLUE will release their desperately awaited new album GHOST which features 11 awesome new songs.

„Ghost“ represents the mood of not only the music and the emotional atmosphere, but above all the lyrics: deprivation, isolation, the feeling of not-belonging, of observing one’s own life from the outside as if it were a film. We’re all familiar with this basic sentiment of alienation which colours our views upon the world and ourselves, and it is the recurrent theme in these 11 tracks, brought to you on GHOST in PINK TURNS BLUE’s characteristic, yet always exciting and fresh sound.

As a second basic colour remains the dark, wintry mood PINK TURNS BLUE is known for. And yet it is enriched by this extraordinary warmth and grace which provides the prevailing darkness with this calming intimacy and safe familiarity. Stories from the borderland of the realm of the human soul. And at that always intense and authentic – original.

The conceptalbum GHOST was again produced by PINK TURNS BLUE and mixed and mastered by Janez Krizaj (LAIBACH, amongst others) in Ljubljana.

Pink Turns Blue are Mic Jogwer (voc, guit), Brigid Anderson (voc, keys), Reini Walter (bass), Louis Pavlou (drums) and Marcus Giltjes (visuals & sounds).
Credits: Janez Krizaj (mix) und Knut Ettling (band pics).