THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS, bizzarre Slowakian Gothic/Deathrock/Underground-Veterans tell us:

„We grew up in the 80’s and with the 80’s. We listened to everything that was new, New Wave, Goth, Postpunk, New Romantic. Just one thing was different: we had to buy our records on the black market, New-Wave-parties were illegal and multicoloured hair and black leather jackets were expressions of Western decadence.

Nevertheless quite a lot of great bands emerged in the Eastern Bloc who even dared to criticise all of this repression. On this EP we cover some of them as a tribute to all of these artists who gave some fresh air to the grey standard culture of Communism and who also suffered because of that.

All the bands we covered on „ONCE UPON A TIME IN EAST“ are legends, then and up to today. They were more dangerous than thousands of nuclear missiles in the West because they inspired the people with hope and at least the image of freedom. And free thought was unwanted.“

Actually, there’s not much more to be added here. In their unique style and at the same time with a lot of respect towards the original songs THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS salute underground heroes from behind the Iron Curtain, bands, artists and activists utterly unnoticed by the West.

A musical history lesson and at the same time a lesson in open and subversive opposition: – SIEKIERA „Ludzie Wschodu“ („People Of The East“) (Poland), KINO „V nashikh glazakh“ („In Our Eyes“) (ex-USSR), PARAF „Javna kupatila“ („Public Bathroom“) (Croatia), PRAZSKY VYBER  „Zubatá“ („The Grim Reaper“) (Czech Republic) ZONA A „Potopa“ und BEZ LADU A SKLADU „Génový inžinier“ („The Gene Engineer“)  (both Slowakia), just a glimpse of the seething subcultural underground of a world not that far away, with regard to both time and place.