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38 bands / 38 songs / 38 examples of GOTH, DEATHROCK, BATCAVE, HORRORPUNK, andstufflikethat… but we’ve also investigated areas near our musical borders, and found spectacular stuff …

…and you can check it out, as usual, at MIDPRICE: a double-CD at the price of 1 …

…and yet again we happily present a broad range of contemporary acts, old heroes, current favourites and promising newcomers from halfwy around the globe. Wanna know more? Right…

USA’s glorious PINS AND NEEDLES, who recorded their debut album CD at MEPHISTO WALZ’s Bari-Bari’s studio, prove with their instant hit „SPECIMEN“ why they are commonly referred to as last year’s most impressing new band. Master Galvin himself is on board, too, with his and SCARLET’S REMAINS‘ vocalist eveghost’s new project PURNAMA… while SCARLET’S REMAINS themselves serve a painfully good I-WANT-MORE deathrock appetizer of their forthcoming new album.

 delight us with their STROBELIGHT-mix of their second „Phoenix“-hit „TRUE LOVE“, and also UK’s tradgoths  please the masses with an impressive power-up-mix of their hymn „STEP DOWN“. Swedish heroes MALAISE, too, present a perfect blend of classic 90’s Goffic and today’s standards.

Postpunk-power will blow your mind and exhaust your body with French newcomers FRUSTRATION and their instant classic „ON THE RISE“ which opens the 2nd CD like the big bang. Similar moods, albeit by different means, convey authentic German Depro-Postpunk-Waverockers MONOZID, another great new discovery of the young year 2006. It’s AWESOME stuff!

Horrorpunk and Splatter-Deathrock can not be missed on NEW DARK AGE vol.4, so prepare yourselves for sonic terror by great acts such as THE OTHER, SHADOW REICHENSTEIN, ZOMBINA AND THE SKELETONES, or  with their brandnew Werwolveabilly-smasher „LYCANTROPIA“.

Numerous further fresh discoveries such as the unique and at the same time somewhat reminiscent of the more moody works of ROZZ WILLIAMS, Australia’s THATCH NOIR, or LUCAS LANTHIER’s CINEMA STRANGE-side project THE DEADFLY ENSEMLBE, featured here with the great non-album track „ZAZ, ZUH, ZAZ“ will keep you entertained for days on end. But you’ll also find fresh and superb new material by well established acts such as CLAN OF XYMOX,  or  ; and, hold your breath, also Germany’s own spectacular  return with yet another typical MATR-smasher!

 pay homage to the icon of all Deathrock-icons with their powerful and previously unreleased version of „SKELETON KISS“,  give an example of their multi-layered talent with their dancefloor filler „NEWSPEAK (ROOM 101)“, while great bands such as THE WEEGS, SIXTEENS or THE GUILTY PARTY repesent the more extravagant areas of the current global undergound.

Anyway, check it all out, and give in… it’s all there for you. Enjoy!

Release-Date: Fr, 28. Mai 2006

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CD 1

01. A Spectre Is Haunting Europe – This Old Oscillator
02. Pins And Needles – Specimen
03. – True Love (Strobelight Mix)
04. Violet Stigmata – Will You?
05. – Skeleton Kiss (RIP Mix)
06. Shadow Reichenstein – It´s Halloween
07. La Mamoynia – I Stand Alone
08. – Step Down (Libitina Iron Awe Remix)
09. Elusive – Ride
10. Scarlet´s Remains – Sacrifice
11. The Other – Ode To Darkness
12. Zombina And The Skeletones – Counting On Your Suicide
13. – Flesh For A Doll
14. The Guilty Party – Lapse
15. Curious – Trill B
16. – To Some Angels
17. Trans-Active Nightzone – Keep On The Dragon (Strobelight Mix))
18. Hysteric Helen – Only Myself (Strobelight Mix)
19. Screaming For Emily – A Dry Year

CD 2

01. Frustration – On The Rise
02. – Newspeak (Room 101)
03. Clan Of Xymox – Calling You Out
04. Thatch Noir – Wizbang!
05. Monozid – Erstens
06. – 1001101:the weekend (yusuf edit)
07. Reptyle – Where I Come From
08. Nim Vind – Outsiders
09. – Lycantropia
10. Scarlet And The Spooky Spiders – Zombie Werewolf
11. 16´s – Figurative Character (Edit)
12. Wermut – Lucia´s Song
13. The Deadfly Ensemble – Zaz, Zuh, Zaz
14. Purnama – Friggavisur
15. Golden Apes – Ferryman
16. Redemption – Times Like These (Club Mix)
17. – Venom
18. Malaise – This Is For A Friend
19. Weegs – M.I.A.

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