The Last Dance – Ruins (CD)

Strobelight Records is delighted to announce to have signed for their upcoming new album ‘’. and Strobelight Records share a long history both professional and private and we are tremendously impressed and excited by the new material these veterans of passionate and melodic dark rock have created to be released on April 17, 2015. has both everything you ever loved about this extraordinary band, and at the same time displays substantial creative advancement that makes the TLD sound fresher than ever. It starts with an aggressive core of soaring guitars, passionate vocals and a relentless driving rhythm section and adds additional instrumentation or electronic flourishes as needed for variety and „spice“, but always remains true to the original post-punk spirit and influences that first brought these superb musicians together. Watch this space for selected album release parties to be announced very soon. And do hold your breath for the April release of . It’ll be worth it.